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EURAM 2017 IM/OB SIG Symposium | Famous Scholars in Expatriate Management | 23 June (Glasgow)

Bringing together six famous scholars whose voices we typically only see in print (Mark Mendenhall, Margaret Shaffer, Guenter Stahl, Anne-Wil Harzing, Chris Brewster and David Collings), this high-profile symposium asked about the ideas and inspiration for their seminal articles, how they selected co-authors, and why their papers have been so influential over time.

EURAM 2017 IM SIG Symposium | The Meaning(s) of 'Expatriate' | 22 June (Glasgow)

Based on their recently published provocative article in The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Dr. Yvonne McNulty (Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore) and Professor Chris Brewster (Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK) asked, Who is it that we claim to study when we use the word ‘expatriate’? Through critique and debate, four panelists (David Lepak, Margaret Shaffer, Peter Dowling and Mila Lazarova) responded to the McNulty & Brewster 2017 article with their own insights and analysis, suggestions for further research, and ideas for next steps in the conversation.