Dr. McNulty is an award-winning international business scholar specialising in expatriation and global HR research. Raised in Australia, she is an experienced global citizen having lived and worked in USA, Singapore, and China.

Yvonne is editor of the Research Handbook of Expatriates (Edward Elgar, 2017) and co-author of Managing Expatriates: A Return on Investment Approach (Business Expert Press) which won the prestigious FEM Thought Leadership Award. 

Her research has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist Intelligence Unit, China Daily, International Herald Tribune, The Straits Times, Financial Times, and on BBC and ABC Radio.

She is a member of the Global Business and Organizational Excellence and International Journal of Multinational Corporation Strategy editorial advisory boards, book review editor at the International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, and associate editor at the Journal of Global Mobility: The Home of Expatriate Management Research and The International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Her next two books - Research Handbook of Global Families (Edward Elgar, 2018) and Research Handbook of Cross Cultural Kids (Edward Elgar, 2019) - are edited collections featuring top authors in their respective fields.