keynote speaker from US$3,950

Grounded in the realities of day-to-day global mobility practice, our keynote presentations deliver programs to non-expert audiences that are both informative and research-based. Clients include Worldwide ERC, KPMG, Commonwealth Bank Australia, Cartus, Mercer, ECA, Deloitte, Singapore Ministry of Manpower, and Forum for Expatriate Management.

workshops US$4,950

We customize educational workshops and seminars using our extensive data and knowledge of emerging trends to improve global mobility policy and practice. Clients include Brookfield, KPMG, EY, Commonwealth Bank Australia, and Cartus.

white papers US$1,795

Co-authored white papers draw on our own knowledge bank or are customised to a particular topic. Clients include Santa Fe Group, Mobility Services International, Cartus, SHRI, Mobility Magazine, SHRM, Aussie Orientation Services, International HR Adviser, and Brookfield.

webinars US$1,195

We conduct webinars and webcasts that are hosted by a company and broadcast to a select group of individuals through their PCs via the internet. Using PowerPoint presentations, web pages and other multimedia content, we interact with the audience to answer questions in real-time through instant messaging or e-mail. Webinar clients include Magellan, Brookfield, Sante Fe Group, and National Foreign Trade Council.