Expatriate Return on Investment

  • Defining expat ROI (ISMO)
  • ROI case study (GBOE)
  • Measuring ROI (IJHRM)
  • ROI in Asia Pacific (JWB)
  • Conceptualising ROI (MIR)
  • ROI framework (GBOE)
  • Linking ROI to global talent management (ER)
  • Individual ROI (GBOE)
  • Expat ROI: Past, present, & future (Routledge)
  • The added value of expatriation: Assessing the ROI of international assignments (Springer)

Non-Traditional Expatriates

  • Critical literature review (IJHRM)
  • Female vs male expats (CCM:AIJ)
  • Lesbian & gay expats (IJHRM)
  • LGBT expats, ERGs, & allies (IJHRM)
  • LGBT expatriates in dangerous locations (EJIM)
  • Single-parent, split family, overseas adoption, & lesbian expatriates (IJIR)
  • Female breadwinners in non-traditional expatriate families (Edward Elgar)
  • Non-traditional assignees: Looking for talent in all the right places (Brookfield)
  • Global mobility for lesbian and gay assignees (Brookfield)

Expatriate Families

  • Research Handbook of Global Families (Edward Elgar)
  • Trailing spouse support (HRDI)
  • Expatriate divorce (JGM)
  • Split families (Edward Elgar)
  • Characteristics of successful moveable families (Springer)
  • Just another move to China?
  • Scholar - practitioner gap in family studies (Symposium)
  • Breaking up is hard to do: Navigating expatriate divorce abroad (Brookfield)
  • Delivering effective relocation family support (Aussie Orientation Services)

Global Careers

  • Dynamic global careers: Understanding international career self-management (ER)
  • Global careers of Australians & New Zealanders (Routledge)
  • Building students' global competencies through experiential coursework (JIEB)
  • How women & men acquire global career experience: US expatriates in Europe (ISMO)

The Meaning(s) of 'Expatriate'

  • Establishing boundary conditions for business expatriates (IJHRM)
  • The concept of business expatriates (Edward Elgar)
  • EURAM symposium: The meaning(s) of 'expatriate' (2017)
  • Getting the definition right (Edward Elgar Blog)

Expatriate Management

  • Research Handbook of Expatriates (Edward Elgar)
  • Managing Expatriates: An ROI Approach (BEP)
  • Management of expatriates (Springer)
  • 'Don't hate me because I'm a foreigner' (IJMCS)
  • Re-focusing expatriate employment relationships using psychological contracts (Brookfield)


  • Who is an expat-preneur? (JIE)
  • Conceptualising a growing international career phenomenon (JGM)
  • Expat-preneurs' motives: Similarities & differences (JOP)

Beyond Corporate Expatriation

  • Global mobility in the sports, religious, education, & non-profit sectors (JGM)
  • Military expatriates (JGM)
  • US military veterans living abroad (Praeger)

Expatriate Compensation

  • Novel compensation approaches to compete for expatriate talent (McGraw-Hill)
  • Linking expatriate compensation to global talent management (Emerald)

Dual-Career Expatriates

  • Dual-career trailing spouses: The 'R' profile (Palgrave)
  • Chaos & calm in dual-career families (PDW)
  • Talent management for dual-career expatriate couples (Brookfield)

Alternatives to Expatriates

  • International business travelers, short-term assignees & international commuters (Edward Elgar)

Third Culture Kids

  • Research Handbook of Cross Cultural Kids (Edward Elgar)
  • TCKs, global work & talent management (Routledge)

Famous Expatriate Scholars

  • EURAM Symposium (2017)

Expatriate Duty of Care

  • Duty of care (EJIM) 

International Schools

  • TCKs in the classroom (IGI Global)
  • TCK professional development for teachers (Routledge)

History of Expatriates

  • Overview of early expatriate studies: 1952-1979 (Edward Elgar) 

Global Talent Management

  • Nation branding to attract global talent (CDI)
  • Macro talent management in Singapore (Routledge)
  • Regional talent management - Asian expatriates in Asia (Santa Fe Group)
  • Linking global mobility to global talent management (MSI)

Expatriate Talent

  • Expatriate talent acquisition & development (Routledge)
  • Attracting & retaining expatriate talent (McGraw-Hill)

Self-Initiated Expatriates

  • Are SIEs born or made? (Palgrave-Macmillan)

Hidden (Low-Paid) Expatriates

  • Motives, processes & organisational justice (Org)


  • Permanent transferees in Singapore (ISMO)
  • Localizing expatriates: Pitfalls, problems and policy planning (Santa Fe Group)
  • Local-plus: Winning the compensation battle but losing the talent war (Brookfield)
  • To be, or not to be, local-plus (Santa Fe Group)

Expatriate Failure

  • Failed assignments (Case Study)

Researching & Publishing Expatriate Studies

  • Publishing research on expatriates (Edward Elgar)
  • Publish don't perish (Book Review)

Teaching HRM

  • Towards a HR science (SUSS)
  • Plagiarism in the APAC classroom (Conference)