Welcome to the research website of expatriate scholar and global HRM expert, Dr. Yvonne McNulty. I work with expatriates on mobility studies, and with students to develop their global HRM 'chops' for the real world of practice.

EURAM 2019 Symposium | Famous Scholars in Expatriate Management #3 'Women in Academia' | S07.01 | June (Lisbon)

Bringing together five famous scholars whose voices we typically only see in print - Paula Caligiuri, Marion Festing, Helen De Cieri and Mila Lazarova, plus Vlad Vaiman - this high-profile symposium asks the tough questions about 'Mommy Professors'. The symposium represents a rare opportunity to engage in a future proofing dialogue with some of the field's most influential and leading scholars and to inspire and motivate the next generation of expatriate management scholars.

EURAM 2018 Symposium | Famous Scholars in Expatriate Management #2 'Getting Published' | 22 June (Reykjavik)

Building on a very successful 2017 symposium in Glasgow, Yvonne McNulty engages with five famous scholars in expatriate management about 'getting published': Mina Westman, Michael Dickmann, Margaret Shaffer, Vesa Suutari and Jan Selmer. She discusses with the famous scholars their honest journeys through the highs and lows of publishing their work, focusing on:

  • selecting target journals - potluck or planned?
  • navigating revisions - love it or hate it?
  • handling 'difficult' reviewers - anger or acceptance?
  • dealing with rejection - give up or go forward?
  • insider tips for building a publishing profile